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We’re a tattoo shop in Ghent that only creates unique tattoos.


Welcome to Pampludex, where ink meets imagination in the heart of Ghent. From my earliest memories, I’ve wielded pen and paper as my canvas, embracing imperfections as catalysts for creativity. Each stroke tells a story, born from an unfiltered mind and a love for the unconventional. At Pampludex, we embrace the raw and the surreal, crafting tattoos that defy boundaries. Our style? Explicit surrealism, where the obscene meets the absurd in a dance of ink and artistry. Step into our studio, where mistakes transform into masterpieces, and let us etch your story onto the canvas of your skin.

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private studio‚Äč

Looking for a tattoo artist with a personal approach and a flexible agenda? Ask for my available dates and we’ll make it happen. We’re open everyday of the week including the weekend.

flexible designS

Unlike most artists, I don’t shy away from discussing and finetuning your design until it perfectly matches your preference. It’s your body and I want you to be completely convinced before we start.

unique style

Do you want something that stands out? I’ve been drawing my entire life and doing so, I have developped a specific range of styles and themes in my work. Ask for my flashbook if you want to look for something unique that fits you.

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Do you have a tattoo idea in mind? Feel free to reach out so we can discuss your idea together!

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